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how to repair broken teeth
Source :    Publication date: 2014/4/1    Read the number: 2126

Slewing ring raceway delamination how to repair broken teeth
Construction Machinery slewing material porosity due or mezzanine, swim raceway hardened layer hardness, depth manufacturing quality problems such as uneven or some external reasons, resulting in hardened raceway spalling or broken tooth ring gear, equipment will not work . For raceway delamination, we must first make the right judgments. Delamination occurs, generally the external hard to see. According to our experience, the following occurs, indicating a stripping layer raceway: a host load rotates, the raceway has "slightly - slightly" abnormal sound, or an uneven azimuth rotation speed slowed significantly and accompanied by a slight vibration; Second, the rotary motor temperature is too high or the current is too large; Third, the rotary motor and hydraulic coupling or coupling pushed up bad habits such as keyways. Delamination occurs, it must be repaired. Otherwise delamination area will be expanded to the entire slewing bearing scrap. Repair method is: first slewing roller or ball inside out, so that separation of inner and outer rings; reuse raceway gasoline to clean; then use the grinder (wheel) carefully around the floor area has been generated crack hardened layer rubbed off, the bottom layer will peel polished; right place with the raceway requires welding and cutting torch preheat over medium carbon steel welding rod (electrode drying before use, and with the use of baking) , to make the solder layer just above the raceway surface 1-2mm; deeper if delamination or larger, should be layered segmented welding, do not make the base material caused by high temperature deformation; this avoids rapid cooling produces welding cracks after welding insulation measures should be taken immediately, so that he gradually cooled. After cooling grinder grind welding layer, making it slightly above the raceway surface, oil stone or emery cloth gradually metallographic grinding welding layer table, making it the normal surface raceway highly consistent with the corresponding original curvature model testing, until the qualifying date; clean with gasoline raceway and roller (ball) Apply grease, integrally assembled to complete.

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