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Wind turbine slewing bearing analysis report
Source :    Publication date: 2014/4/1    Read the number: 4028

 Wind turbine slewing bearing analysis report
China wind power development has entered the transition period, the target is to achieve from the " wind power" to " wind power", from " made in China" to " created in China ", from " the market" to " international market" changes.Chinese wind energy association director He Dexin to expressed recently, 2011 as the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the bureau year, China wind power development to advance steadily, the new wind power installed capacity of 17630000 kilowatts, accounting for the global new wind power installed 43%, continue to maintain a leading position in the world.He Dexin said, in 2011 the world''s newly installed capacity of wind turbine manufacturing enterprises in the top 10, Chinese enterprise to occupy 4 seats. In 2011, China has 12 enterprises to wind power equipment products to enter the international market, there are 5 enterprises in the overseas development of the wind farm.In the industry to achieve growth at the same time, China wind power technology also obtained apparent progress. " Eleven five " plan of wind power field " 863 " " 973 " and the support of science and technology projects such as complete, as Chinese wind energy sustainable development laid good foundation, China and international advanced technology gap is narrowing.At present, China''s land wind mainstream models already from " eleven five " 100 watt wind turbine turning 1.5 to 2.5 megawatts of wind turbine, 3 MW wind turbines have been mass production, 5 MW and 6 MW wind turbine has been installed to run the line. In the large-scale wind turbine R & D, production and application of international advanced level, China is proceed with determination.According to the wind " Twelfth Five-Year" development planning preliminary observations, in 2015 China wind power installed confidential to reach 100000000 kilowatts, 2020 installed capacity will reach 150000000 to 200000000 kw.He Dexin predicts, in the next 5 to 10 years, the Chinese wind power market is expected to maintain an average of 15000000 kilowatts of installed capacity. At the same time, some countries and regions wind power market is developing rapidly, for Chinese enterprises to take the country to the world to provide a good opportunity.He Dexin suggested the Chinese wind power industry to improve the capability of independent innovation, control wind power manufacturing quality products, to ensure the safe operation of the wind power industry, the diversification mode the development of wind power, and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, to promote Chinese enterprises into the international.

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